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Car accidents happen. That is a given reality and all auto insurers realize this. But what happens if you have many accidents in one year and want to file a claim? If this has happened to you, the first thing you need to do is consult a personal injury lawyer for specialized legal advice. The second thing to do is read this article for valuable advice you can bring up when talking to your lawyer.

You need a baseline in terms of your health

This may sound confusing, but it is really quite simple. When you establish a baseline, you work with your personal injury lawyer to determine the state and quality of health before your most recent accident. If you were in good health before the accident, you and your lawyer can make an argument for a monetary award in court using your medical records as evidence. If accidents in your past have affected your current health, you need to ask your lawyer to obtain these records from your doctor. You’ll need these as evidence to build a convincing case in your favor in court.

What if you already have serious injuries?

What do you do if you already have serious injuries from previous accidents? You consult with your personal injury lawyer in Vacaville & Los Gatos to help you establish a case in your favor. You may have suffered from angina from a previous car accident and this may have been a contributing factor to the stroke you suffered in your recent car accident. Your lawyer can use the information in your medical records as evidence to convince the jury that you need and deserve the monetary compensation you are asking for from the other party! Your lawyer can also work with your doctor to determine the compensation that would be best for you to afford the optimal treatment plan for you. The two of them can also work out a plan which will help you win that compensation in court.

Think of your lawyer as a ‘professional friend’ who is there to guide and coach you after you have sustained and suffered from a car accident – serious or minor. This professional will listen to your concerns and your current medical condition/grievances. Your lawyer can use the medical evidence your doctor has gathered from your recent doctor’s visits to help you build a case in court which indicates that the other party was at fault, and caused you severe mental and physical injuries which are currently affecting your quality of life and ability to work. You are more likely to win handsome monetary awards in court, if this is the case.