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The insurer expects the insurance adjuster to negotiate a deal that does not force the insurance company to give the claimant a large reward. Still, if the adjuster does not act fairly, when negotiating with the claimant, the insurer could be charged with acting in bad faith. Despite that fact, some adjusters insist on using a low-ball figure in their initial offer.

What is a low-ball offer?

It is one with such a low figure that the total amount offered would not cover the expenses, which have become a burden for the injured victim.

How can a personal injury lawyer help an injured client to fight an adjuster that has initiated negotiations with a low-ball offer?

The Personal Injury Lawyers in Vacaville realizes what figure would represent the lowest reasonable offer. By the same token, the attorney’s experience has allowed him or her to appreciate what figure would equate with the maximum amount to expect in any offer. The lawyer understands the legal jargon that can be found in the papers sent to the claimant/client by the adjuster. It is hard to fight something that you do not understand.

Personal injury lawyers make careful considerations, before suggesting a counter-offer to the figure stated by the adjuster during the negotiations. Each such lawyer studies both the client’s economic losses and his or her non-economic losses. When studying the client’s non-economic losses, the attorney looks at level of the client’s pain and suffering, as well as the intensity of his or her mental anguish.

Personal injury lawyers normally file a case in civil court. By taking such an action, a personal injury attorney can show that his or her client is serious about being fairly compensated for any damages that were caused by the defendant’s negligence.

How clients ought to work with their personal injury lawyers?

Each client should take advantage of the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the legal jargon that is used by the adjuster. Each client should seek to gain an understanding of the lawyer’s calculations, when determining the amount that equates with the lowest reasonable offer, and the one that matches with the largest expected amount.

Each client should respect the amount of thought and effort that his or her lawyer has carried-out, in order to arrive at an amount that corresponds to a reasonable counter-offer. By the same token, all clients should respect the lawyer’s judgement, during the negotiating process. Finally, all clients ought to pay attention to the unspoken messages that get sent to the opposing side during each stage of the quest for a fair compensation. Once that lesson has been learned, the client should make a point of striving to send appropriate messages.