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When you think about personal injury lawyers, images of sophisticated, educated, talented, and caring professionals probably comes to mind. While this is generally true, there are a few ‘bad apples’ in terms of personal injury law. If you ever hire a bad personal injury lawyer, you will naturally want to fire him or her and hire someone else. However, how do you know when your personal injury lawyer is messing up? Well, read this article to find some of the red flags.

Since you’re not an expert in terms of filing personal injury claims and cases, after all that’s what personal injury lawyers are for, you probably don’t know how to tell if your lawyer is messing up in terms of handling your case.

When you are involved in a personal injury accident, you’re already suffering from a lot of financial and emotional distress. This can be in the form of expensive medical bills, lost income and wages, extensive property damage, and pain and suffering (among other things!) Since you’ve already invested extensive time and substantial money in pursuing your personal injury case, you want to find a competent personal injury lawyer in Davis who will do a good job of representing you. However, as mentioned earlier, personal injury law does have some incompetent lawyers.

You should do some research and look for the following before deciding to hire a personal injury lawyer in Vacaville:

● His or her reputation – you want to ‘dig into his or her professional background!’ Look for the number of successful cases versus the number of unsuccessful cases he or she has. Chances are, if a personal injury lawyer has a good track record, he or she will do a good job of handling your case.

● Is your lawyer purposeful and diligent – you need to hire a professional who is thorough in terms of preparing your case and taking it to court. He or she should follow all necessary steps to the T. This person should also be purposeful in terms of ‘doing things the right way!’ Some of these include

○ Taking pictures of the accident scene
○ Obtaining all relevant documents
○ Thoroughly interviewing all witnesses
○ Obtaining all relevant medical documents

Don’t choose someone who only talks the talk

Do you remember the old saying that a real person not only ‘talks the talk, but he or she walks the walk?” Well, this is especially true in terms of personal injury law. If your lawyer either doesn’t answer your calls or doesn’t follow all necessary steps to the ‘T’, you may want to fire him or her and hire someone else.

Is your lawyer transparent?

Since your lawyer is representing you in court, you want to hire a professional who is completely honest. This includes giving you copies of all documents you request. After all, it’s your case and your settlement. You have the right to have access to any and all information that will help you win both.

You can win a case if you have a good lawyer

Its’ true that you can win a case if you have a good lawyer. You are now in a better position to hire that person now that you have some insights as to what red flags to look out for!