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Bodily injuries from a car accident don’t always show up right away. Personal Injury lawyers know that. Car accidents are bad enough to ensure by themselves. What makes them worse is the fact that it can take weeks to months for bodily injuries to show up. You may have already accepted a settlement by then. Your lawyer will tell you to look out for any bodily injuries that develop after your accident and their progression.

Car accidents cause your body to go into overdrive producing adrenaline. The fact that this occurs can often mask the severity of many bodily injuries for a while. Personal injury lawyers in Davis know this. You could also sustain soft tissue injuries after an accident. It may take a while for the pain and damage from a torn ligament to develop. This is especially true of whiplash injuries. These develop in places that are hard to diagnose and detect.

Your brain can get injured if it strikes your skull. This is called a concussion. They can be serious and their effects may take a while to show up. You may have a concussion if you suffer from one or more of the following:

● Disorientation
● Loss of consciousness
● Clouded thinking
● Concentrating problems
● Trouble learning and remembering new information
● Headache
● Dizziness
● Nausea
● Extreme fatigue
● Strange sleep patterns

See a doctor to be on the safe side if you have one or more of these issues.Negligence is considered the primary cause of injury. Stay clear of any activities or items that could cause you or your family harm. Ensure you travel safe or have someone accompany you.In the event you are faced with any injury, call up your lawyer and get the appropriate guidance to recover from your accident.

See a doctor right away

Personal injury lawyers know that this can save your life. A doctor can make accurate diagnoses of your injuries. He or she’ll also monitor them to see if they get worse or better. Also file an insurance claim immediately and document the fact that you sought immediate medical help. The insurance company could reduce or invalidate your settlement amount otherwise.

Wait before settling

Never sign a release and accept settlement money until you have been thoroughly evaluated and diagnosed by a doctor. You can’t sue for more money if your injuries get worse otherwise. Medical experts can actually increase your settlement value. You can actually increase your settlement amount if you hire a good personal injury lawyer and see a good doctor right away.