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No one wants to ruin a vacation by getting involved in a car accident, while using a rented vehicle. Still, any vacationer might face such a situation. What steps could be taken to minimize the problems that might be caused by such an occurrence?

The renter is responsible for any damage.

Fortunately, the companies that rent vehicles provide each renter with access to several sources of coverage. Renters enjoy the chance to buy insurance from the rental company. If the renter uses a credit card, that provides him or her with an additional source of coverage. Naturally, the renter’s own policy should offer at least some coverage, as well.

Supplemental options that guarantee a coverage-increase:

A collision damage waiver: this would be purchased from the company that had provided the rented vehicle. It would cover damage to the named vehicle, following the occurrence of a collision.

Liability coverage: this would pay property damage if the driver of the rented vehicle were held responsible for the property damages caused by an accident. This would not cover any injuries to the other driver, or any passengers in the other driver’s car.

Personal accident insurance: this would provide the coverage missing from the liability option. If used, it would pay for injuries to any driver or passenger. It would also cover the cost of an ambulance service.

Personal effects: this could be used to seek reimbursement for any item that was left in the rented automobile. It would also cover any item that might be stolen from the same auto, while the buyers of this particular option were using the rented car.

Another way to get covered, when renting a car:

This added option calls for utilization of a credit card. Someone that pays for a rented vehicle by using a credit card automatically obtains an added measure of insurance. Renters should realize, however, that the credit card company only pays for damage to any vehicles. It does not cover a driver that has been held liable for an accident.

Still, it pays a renter to note the promises made by the credit card company. A personal injury lawyer might neglect to inquire about the method used when the renter completed the transaction, before driving away from the parking lot full of vehicles that were yet-to-be-rented. A lawyer’s failure to ask about the specifics of that particular transaction could cause the client/former renter to lose money. That is why anyone that plans to rent a set-of-wheels should pay attention to all the provisions that have been mentioned in the signed contract. After all, a personal injury lawyer in Citrus Heights might not be provided with a chance to examine that same contract.