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Trucks are more commonly referred to as ‘18 wheelers’ and ‘big rigs’ because of their big size. Their size makes them intimidating to many motorists. Their big size also makes them more dangerous in accidents. This is why truck drivers are subject to many very stringent rules and regulations that dictate how much weight a truck can carry, and the number of consecutive hours a truck driver can drive without rest. However, sometimes, truck drivers don’t adhere to these rules and regulations and accidents occur. If you are ever involved in an accident with a big rig, know the following information and hire a personal injury lawyer in Davis to help defend you in court.

Duty of care

The law requires truck drivers to act with a certain level and standard of care when driving. This means that they must obey prevailing traffic laws and they must drive safely. The federal government and California state have enacted a series of measures that strictly govern how truck drivers can operate. truck drivers who do not comply are guilty of negligence per se and can be sued in a court of law.

All truck drivers have to have a special license

Your personal injury lawyer will inform you that all truck drivers have to have a special commercial class driver’s license. They have to pass a series of written and driving tests that the federal department of transportation (DoT) has devised. Successfully passing these tests proves that they possess the following driving skills:

● Inspecting vehicles
● Maneuvering
● The ability to maintain tires, lights, and engines correctly
● A basic understanding of hazardous materials containment procedures.

They also have to test negative for drugs and they have to pass a stringent physical exam.

Log book regulations

Personal injury lawyers know that truck drivers have to follow strict rules and astringent schedule. For example, they must take a break after having driven 11 consecutive hours. They have to rest for at least 10 consecutive hours after each shift, and they must not drive more than 70 hours in 8 days. Truck drivers record the following information in log books to show that they are legally being compliant:
● The number of hours driven and rested
● The date on which the cargo was picked up
● The truck’s total weight
● The date on which the cargo must be delivered
● The final destination

The law is complex, because of the many rules and regulations governing truck drivers, you need to hire a good personal injury lawyer,if you have ever been involved in an accident with a truck driver and you want to seek monetary damages and legal redress!